Creative Space

Something I am blissfully thankful for this year is having my own little studio space at home, Jack and I share the space giving us plenty of room to work on our respective projects.

Having a little corner to work in without a room full of other people is something really nice and helps massively when ideas aren’t looking quite as polished as I would like.

One of the major problems with renting is that tacking big drawings to the wall isn’t exactly feasible within contract terms, but a small sacrifice to make. On the plus side, the previous tenants left a mirror as this room is actually the second bedroom, so I can see my face mid meltdown about ideas! (Joke… in actual fact it is very useful to remind me how much paint I have smeared on my face)

Something I am desperate to do is add more plants to my environment, this is our little plant family, which despite everything has survived (very impressive considering my track record with household plants). I think having greenery around is not only good for reference, since most of my work involved flora at the moment, but is also great for the mind and keeps a peaceful environment.

So despite not having a snazzy studio with god knows how many other people and another rent payment going out every month, my little corner is doing me just fine at the moment.


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