Plant Huntress

Here is a little preview of my current project, inspired by the life of Jeanne Baret.

Ah, there goes a madwoman dreaming,

From the stream to the lake and the river to the timid stars and fountains and flowers

And the perennial freshness of the fields and souls, the waves with their roar

From the burgundy to the peachy red and the time to when the winds blow

She wouldn’t have been a rose, it has meaningful beauty

She’s their brilliance

A weary picture in the back of your touch

A thought

A time

A plant

And everything in between

To survive her secret so hard to leave behind

Held years after her weary picture on which I write

Journey around the globe that I’d never heard

Each scar has its own company

And quite considerable determination that she went ahead

Stories I found to be not heard of before

A story I should say

Worthy of a great adventure

Walk together through many plants

They whisper of a woman who wanted

With knowledge of plants and living

Because women were as women are,

Highly variable leaves, far from easy

Record them now

And white with soft touch that others overlooked

Because I will forever search to find her

The beautiful flower the eternal spring of life, the woman

That would honour anyone,

The sound of the first woman to

She was more,

She was everything in between

She has felt, but for her significant charities to botany

The woman that ever made it

And deserves our admiration

She, made in the past herself, a master of disguise

Extraordinary woman a,

A little known globetrotter who’s unthinkable, she’s unstoppable you see

Her masquerade for a couple a woman’s place

Woman who dressed to discover the world and just

That stays with you

But I press on dreaming ready for adventure and

Frankly I thought it was sad

Her untold story I have to say faithfully clever her curiosity revealed

I have imagined that this woman was me

In this poor woman’s heart

When women were

Collecting plants

The way we would

Written down in quiet in this moss

She’s a strong woman now, first woman known to botany

Proved to be invaluable, a botanical wonder

A destroyed woman left

She wouldn’t

It tells us how she was one

Do you see what, by memories she

Another plant

Because I will forever wonder how

A voice inside told her

What the plants say

Here nature created

She sits silently in the dark

Spite of her amazing bravery

The truth is written all

Her life struggles and sorrows

Nightshade in her honour

After 250 years herself free

Never the mystery seems to end

They whisper about me and say

They say that the plants do not speak, and yet,

Asking over and over again

On which side of the grass do I belong?

You could feel the pain throbbing, papers never published

Herb woman, unique in gender and class

To observe and record, to explore the world

She will be the first

A beautiful flower



Plant Huntress




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