Thank You, Always

A little out of sorts for me as I usually only post once a week, but needs must, and I could not let this one wait until next weeks post… Today I hit 4k subscribers/ followers of my blog!

I cannot thank my readership enough for this! This blog started 6 years ago as a hobby and has changed theme, layout, content and title but I have loved seeing how it has changed with me. It is now slowly turning into a huge part of my professional career, I have been commissioned here, posted project ideas and progress and soon it will become an integrated part of my online shop.

For many, this following is very small, and over 6 years many would expect the number to be much more, but I cannot believe that this many people are interested in what I’m doing and are kind enough to email me with questions, feedback or just for a chat!

At this stage I am approaching a scary and unbelievably exciting point in my life, soon I will be graduating and taking steps to make Illustration my full-time career. Everything feels a little wobbly now, balancing two jobs and building my career is a terrifying prospect but I am so ready for it, and the support from people and wealth of amazing artist bloggers here has been a massive part of what has given me drive and inspiration.

So, to avoid rambling on for too long, I will end my thanks here.

Again, I am so appreciative of the art blogging community and everything it has given me, and I can’t wait to see what’s to come!

Thank you, always.



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