Plant Huntress Project : Imagery Creation

  This week has been a combination of wonderfully productive and horrifically stressful, after calling in to work borderline in tears begging for a few days off unpaid (which my manager incredibly generously allowed me); three nights of solid drypoint etching resulting in not being able to feel my right hand, and over 40 prints… Continue reading Plant Huntress Project : Imagery Creation


Jeanne Baret, Plant Huntress Project

Some initial development work towards my book inspired by Jeanne Baret, the first woman to circumnavigate the globe and discoverer of hundreds of different plant species. To move this forward I will be dry pointing all imagery to form the pages of the book, which I will be posting next week.

Plant Huntress

Here is a little preview of my current project, inspired by the life of Jeanne Baret. Ah, there goes a madwoman dreaming, From the stream to the lake and the river to the timid stars and fountains and flowers And the perennial freshness of the fields and souls, the waves with their roar From the… Continue reading Plant Huntress


It's been quite the turn around this week. Pressed pretty much sums it up, pressed for time, pressed for money and pressed for ideas. Although with a few (many) late nights and a lot of coffee my work so far is on the up. I have been struggling with a few things in my main… Continue reading Pressed

Study Sketches

A massive downside to not having many days off work to go out and visit places is the struggle of getting research imagery. I have been using documentaries to draw from for days when I only have 6pm onwards to get work done. Fortunately I have a few adventures planned for my two days off… Continue reading Study Sketches

My Top 6 Favourite Art Materials

This week I have been playing around with lots of different materials and ideas so I decided to share my top 6 favourites here. Colouring Pencils I have recently rediscovered my love for colouring pencils, courtesy of a wonderful set gifted to me by my brother. This set is absolutely gorgeous and much higher quality… Continue reading My Top 6 Favourite Art Materials

The Art of Balance

With my three (four if you count foundation) years of art school coming to an end I've been reflecting a lot on the realities of balancing a degree and a job. As with the majority of degree students I have worked alongside my studies throughout my time in education and looking back, to be honest… Continue reading The Art of Balance