It's been quite the turn around this week. Pressed pretty much sums it up, pressed for time, pressed for money and pressed for ideas. Although with a few (many) late nights and a lot of coffee my work so far is on the up. I have been struggling with a few things in my main… Continue reading Pressed


Study Sketches

A massive downside to not having many days off work to go out and visit places is the struggle of getting research imagery. I have been using documentaries to draw from for days when I only have 6pm onwards to get work done. Fortunately I have a few adventures planned for my two days off… Continue reading Study Sketches

My Top 6 Favourite Art Materials

This week I have been playing around with lots of different materials and ideas so I decided to share my top 6 favourites here. Colouring Pencils I have recently rediscovered my love for colouring pencils, courtesy of a wonderful set gifted to me by my brother. This set is absolutely gorgeous and much higher quality… Continue reading My Top 6 Favourite Art Materials